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LED Coconut Palm Tree Light Series
postdate:2007-03-26 HITS:2386

LED coconut palm tree light is designed virtually to true Coconut Palm Tree. It is a great breakthrough of light decoration. The leaves of the LED coconut palm tree light are made up of PC plastic lamp tubes. Controlled by the microcomputer controller, the LED bulbs inside the plastic lamp tubes twinkle in waves and give the effect of the leaves swinging in the wind. Remote control is available to set pace of branch lighting. New patterns include all-on, chasing patters, and sequence which goes through all patterns one after the other. Steel pole runs up through center of tree and includes a round steel base for mounting. Steel base can be mounted to concrete, asphalt, wood, etc. And you can make a under ground base with concrete for installation on the soft earth. Colorful outlook appearance is available; you can select the color of green, yellow, orange, red, blue etc. LED coconut palm tree light is made of best material with high technique; it is waterproof, heatproof, cold resistant, anti-wind and anti-aging. It is the best choice for decorating the parks, tourist resort, squares, hotels, street of cities and even your garden. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

     LED is the light source of new generation. It has a long life of 100000 hours. It also has super low power consumption and high efficiency. It can save energy up to 80% compare with traditional bulbs. Made with LED bulbs, the LED Coconut Palm Tree Light can be super long life and low power consumption. It’s becoming the most popular products of our factory.