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LED Rope Light Series
postdate:2009-03-19 HITS:1659


LED Rope Light is flexible transparent plastic ropes with wires going through. LED bulbs are rigidly held inside the tough but flexible PVC outer jacket providing superior protection against damage yet allowing the LED Rope Light to follow any shaped contour. Small and large spools of packages are available for convenient usage. The LED Rope Light can be cut to length at regularly spaced intervals: 0.5meters, 1meter, 2meters etc.
    Designing and installing your LED Rope Light display is made even easier with the full series of accessories of different usage shapes, color. LED Rope Light is also available for energy saving, more colorful and maintenance free usage.
1.     Always disconnect the power before cutting, connecting, and handling the LED Rope Light.
2.     To prevent overheating, do not allow contact between strings or parts of strings.
3.     Do not store or handle below -30. The LED Rope light may become brittle and crack at low temperature.
4.     Do not apply power to the LED Rope Light when it is packed in a spool or roll, overheating may result in damage.
5.     Do not install in cabinet thanks or enclosures of any kind. But the low power consumption and low heat LED series are best for this purpose.
6.     Do not install in locations where the lights will be subjected to heavy traffic, crushing or impact.