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Motif Light Series
postdate:2009-03-19 HITS:1666


Motif light is made with Rope Light and other material on a frame. It can be direct connected to the power supply or under control of a microcomputer controller. With the colorful and flexible Rope Light we design a great number of beautiful Motif Lights of different function and scenery. The styles of the Motif lights are available for Christmas, Easter, All Saint’s Day, and New Year etc. They are also widely used to decorate the bars, disco clubs, hotels, parks, your gardens, your house etc. The installation is easy for all kinds of Motif Light. You can hang them on the walls, ceilings, windows, trees or any other places. You can also stand it on the floor. Some of the Motif Lights can be depart to several pieces or folded to save much space for easy transportation, storage, portage but it still can be easily installed. LED Motif Light also available for energy saving, more colorful and maintenance free usage.